I have used Keith, Shapiro & Ford twice for my legal matters and have worked closely with attorney Kristen Deavney. I could not be happier with the outcome of both cases and would recommend this firm and specially my attorney to anyone and everyone. Very pleasant and professional staff no matter who you speak to. All your questions are always answered promptly which is great since all legal matters tend to be stressful. Thanks to Kristen both of these situations were very stress-free and handled in a timely manner.

P. Castano 09/11/2019

I recently used Kieth, Shapiero, and Ford to represent me in my divorce. Kristen Devaney was very professional, informative, and empathetic to my situation. She was to the point and gave me all scenarios so I wouldn't be blindsided by anything. She was quick to respond to my txt or emails and I was extremely pleased with my outcome. She made an already highly stressful situation a little easier. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone.

Michael C.

Kristen handled our Will and was easy to work with and very attentive to our needs. The team was great too!

Tony I.

I recently had the job of executer to an estate. With no experience to guide me I turned to the attorneys at Keith Shapiro and Ford. Kristen Devaney was there to guide me thru the process, rather quickly. Even when the state or county thru a wrench in the works, these issues were handled quickly, but most importantly, I was kept informed all along the way. Thanks Kristen for all your help. I could not have done it without you. I would highly recommend you and your firm for most any legal issue.

Jeff M.

Kristen takes a personal touch to each case she does. She was understanding and determined with our case. Always putting out daughters needs first.

Joanne L.

Kristen and her office were very thorough throughout my case i was seeking legal custody of my two grandsons , the process was not as open and shut as expected to be and she was with me every step of the way . I had many questions and concerns and she was able to answer them and always did so within a reasonable amount of time . She also dealt with my daughter and was helpful with serving out of state court papers without costing me a fortune , my outcome was what I wanted and I am forever grateful to Kristen for the superb representation . I would absolutely call on her in future , although I hope I will not have too. Thank you Kristen for all your time .


Ms. Devaney was a very good lawyer. She was knowledgable, professional and really helped in guiding me through my cases in order to attain an outcome that was agreeable and fair for me and my personal situation. She answered every phone call and email in a more than timely manner and made herself available for one on one meetings whenever I asked. I would highly recommend her!

Melora Q.

I had the pleasure of having Kristen Devaney handle my divorce. She was knowledgeable and very helpful in providing me with information so I could make the best decisions for my situation. Kristen was always accessible by phone or email if I had questions or needed guidance and maintained professionalism at all times. The legal secretary, Michele, was also very helpful in processing the documents quickly. It was a difficult process to go through on a personal level but their help made the legal aspect move along smoothly. Thanks so much KSF.


Richard Ford recently represented me for my divorce. When I initially met with Mr. Ford, I expressed to him what I would like the outcome to be and I got that and more!! He was very compassionate and gave great advice on what steps should be taken. He always consulted with me before responding back to opposing counsel. He addressed any concerns I had immediately whether it was through email or on the telephone. I am extremely blessed to have come across such a talented and knowledgeable attorney. He has truly made this process as less stressful for me as possible. I appreciate all of Mr. Ford and his staff’s hard work and due diligence throughout this process. I would strongly recommend Mr. Ford and his firm.

Elizabeth O

Mr. Ford presented my options in a straight forward honest manner that made me feel comfortable and confident. He was very communicative and available when I needed. Highly recommend!

Argentina S

I recommend Keith Shapiro & Ford to anyone needing legal representation in the area of family law. Richard Ford is very knowledgeable, personable, patient, empathetic and aggressive. The staff is very proficient and courteous. They cared about me as a person not just a client. I am extremely pleased with the way I was represented. I put my trust in them and I became confident and was put at ease. My case was handled professionally, and the outcome was better than expected. Thank you for everything.

Maria O.

Ten years ago, when I was going through my divorce, I hired Richard Ford to represent me in my divorce. I had met with several lawyers prior to hiring Richard. A co-worker's sister who was also a lawyer in a different field, recommended I meet with Richard. From the very beginning, Richard came across as very genuine, he was as painfully honest to me as I needed. My divorce was not very amicable, but Richard made it bearable. He always kept me in the loop, letting know what to expect, and a timetable of when he thought life would get easier. Going to court with Richard, you can't help but notice the great rapport he has with other lawyers, (including his opposition), the clerks, and the judges we came across. Seeing the respect the many lawyers walking the hallways of the different court houses showed him, definitely put me at ease. My first court date, I was pretty nervous, and he quickly calmed me down knowing I was in good hands. As I mentioned the divorce was not amicable, and as nasty as some of the comments my ex may have said during our meetings, Richard remained the course, professional, courteous, and so much more knowledgeable than our opposition. Just watching his courtroom demeanor, you could sense his total knowledge of the laws with regard to my case, and how he was going to try to convince the judge to see how they pertained to me. Richard's listening skills were very much appreciated. Too many lawyers, (and a lot of non-lawyers), tend to just talk, and not listen to your' responses. Without listening skills, the lawyer misses pertinent information. Richard made it known from the very beginning, he wanted to understand every aspect of the case and look at it from all angles. It was funny as he would refer to the ``Godfather`` movie as to not wanting to walk into a surprise that i didn't inform him on. He used the line in the movie.

Peter W.

Richard Ford represented me in my nasty divorce. Richard was my second attorney I had hired after my first attorney milked me for 10 months & did absolutely nothing for me but make me look bad & keep wanting more money from me. After hiring Richard I knew it wasn't going to be the same situation. Richard was caring, explained everything to me over & over if I needed it. He handled my case very professionally and handled the opposing counsel in a professional mature manner which at times was not easy. Richard is a very upstanding attorney & man. I have enjoyed working with him during this difficult time in my life. Richard made my situation barrable and made me focus on the important parts of my divorce and not get caught up in the drama. I have recommended many people to Richard and know they will have the same wonderful experience as I have. Thank you for everything you have done for me Richard Ford.

Renee M.

Highly recommend Keith, Shapiro & Ford. The firm represented my parents for years. I personally sought counsel for custody and child support for my daughter. Couldn't be happier with the guidance during an emotional and stressful time.

Christine A.

Mr Ford's expertise, experience and support enabled me to get through a very ugly and difficult divorce. His advice and guidance were also spot on and he knew how to handle me, a client that often lost her patience with a system that was very frustrating. He stood by my side through countless court appearances and fought for me in settlement proceedings. In the end, I was awarded everything I wanted financially and stuck with me until the grounds for divorce were finalized my way. He became an invaluable resource in which I'm forever grateful.

Beth K.

Keith, Shapiro, & Ford gave me a lawyer to whom I can comfortably consult to. He makes me understand all the things related to my divorce. I was glad that through my lawyer, who is a very effective one, my life and ex-husband's life are now better. We are living our own lives now, leaving the past behind.

Rey S.

I had an excellent experience with this law firm when going through my divorce. Kristen was very sweets and helpful. I had no worries she took care of it all for me. Definitely recommend her and this law firm!

Carolyn C. 6/6/19