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Long Island Divorce Lawyers Keith Shapiro & Ford

Keith, Shapiro & Ford provides you with over 75 years of combined experience in divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, division of property, maintenance, spousal support, and other Family Law issues. Family Lawyer Nassau County, Divorce Lawyers Nassau County.

Just Got Served Divorce Papers NYS? – What To Do Next

Commencing a divorce action requires personal service on the adversary, which can be tricky if the adversary cannot be found, is located outside of the country, or is looking to avoid service.

If these circumstances exist, enough due diligence must be done prior to asking the Court for an alternative method of service. Courts have become more flexible with allowing email service and/or service through social media platforms if it can be shown that sufficient notice would be provided, but you need an experienced attorney to be able to prove the efforts that were completed prior to asking the Court for permission to serve an alternative way.

It is a simple step that can be taken for granted, but extremely important to be done properly so that the divorce litigation can move forward.

Child Support Enforcement In NY – What You Need To Know

frequent issue that arises in divorce cases involves the payment of child support from one spouse to the other. In situations where the parents are already separated when the divorce case begins, then this particular issue is often one of the first issues to confront the parties.

This video explains the basic concepts in the analysis of the correct amount to be paid for child support and how that amount is calculated. In situations where the parents are not married, the same analysis would apply to those cases as well.

NY Divorce Law – Dividing Property Outside Of The USA

As we hear a great deal, we are a nation of immigrants. That has never been more true and it presents some unique problems in the resolution of divorces. The most common issue we run into is real property (either unimproved land or a house) located outside of the United States.

This video discusses the unique issues associated with these types of claims and how they can impact on the resolution and distribution of the assets of a marriage. This problem in not limited to real property but can also include bank accounts and other types of assets located in a different country.

How To Get An Annulment in NYS | Keith Shapiro & Ford

Annulments are a frequent request of some clients but are not as simple as people may believe. Seeking an annulment is requesting that the marriage be considered void—i.e. it never happened.

The most common basis for an annulment is fraud, which means that the party entered into the marriage with a representation from the other, relied upon that representation, and would not have married that person had the representation not been made. The video provides examples of what factual basis would amount to fraud and what the law requires in proving the existence of the fraud in order to obtain a legal annulment.

Separation Of Property NY Divorce | Keith Shapiro & Ford

As divorce becomes more common in our society and people enter into second marriages or in situations when people get married later in life, we are confronted with the issue of people having acquired property on their own before they say their vows.

In simple terms, what happens to that property acquired prior to marriage. This video provides an introduction in the basic concepts of “separate property” and how the court would determine what property is part of the marriage subject to equitable distribution and what property remain separate and free from the claims of the non-titled spouse.

It is important to note that this particular area of the law in complicated and very fact sensitive so it is imperative to secure legal advice from a practicing attorney.