About Us

The divorce help you’re looking for on Long Island.

Formed in 1988, Keith, Shapiro & Ford represents clients on Long Island in Nassau & Suffolk courts and the City of New York in the full spectrum of matrimonial matters, including divorce, separation, custody & visitation or parenting time, maintenance (spousal support or alimony) and child support. as additionally, we serve our client in Criminal and Family Court matters relating to all family related offenses and Orders of Protection. Simply put, if it falls anywhere within the broad definition of “Family Law” we do it. We believe in aggressive representation and have never accepted the proposition that some things ‘just are’ and cannot be changed. If our voice is not heard, your voice is not heard and we work to make sure that this is not the case. It is our goal to make a difference in your matter, not just a series of Court appearances.

Divorce has become more complex. New York divorces present issues that do not exist anywhere else in the country. Often divorce cases require knowledge of other fields of law, such as criminal law, real estate, bankruptcy and commercial law. We are well versed in the manner in which these areas of law impact upon your divorce or family law matter and also have partners and associates that are immediately available for consultation in these areas when needed.

Like everything else in life, your divorce or separation or other Family Law matter requires a plan of action consistent with the goals that you set. From the beginning we will work with you to develop a focused approach which we believe will help meet those goals in the most effective and expeditious manner.

Choosing a divorce lawyer is different than selecting other types of attorneys. Make sure your choice is both knowledgeable and experienced but also make sure their style and approach mirrors yours. Pro-active or re-active, aggressive or passive, the lawyer you choose must be one with whom you are comfortable and, of equal importance, one who is comfortable with you. The lawyer that was right for a friend or relative may not be the lawyer that will be right for you. We offer free in-office consultations so that you can get a better sense of the process generally and what is likely to happen in your matter specifically. Give us a call, it might be the most productive and informative hour you have spent in a long time.